Saturday, December 10

Gift Ideas For Kids: from an 8-year-old

Not to be outdone by her sister, my 8-year-old daughter Eva wanted to make a contribution to the blog as well. Today she is sharing some (mostly) classic gift ideas - items that she has enjoyed for years, and would recommend for your children too! Take it away, Eva!


I am an 8-year-old child so I would know what some of the best gifts are to get your kids, at Christmas or any time!

  • ·        Rubik’s Cube: This is very popular in my school, and it’s a nice thing for kids to try to solve when they’re getting bored.
  • ·        Zoomer Zuppie: I got this as a Christmas gift one year and it’s especially fun to pretend you have a pet when you don’t really have one. But now I do and I think you have heard about Thumper!
  • ·        Play kitchen: My sister got this before I was born and I have been playing with it as long as I can remember. I like to pretend that I’m working at a restaurant and making food in the kitchen.
  • ·        Build-a-Bear: You would want to give a gift card for this so your child can pick it out and decide on the details because it's a lot of fun to have the whole experience of picking things out and making your bear. You can also get all sorts of accessories for your bear and bring it to the store to visit the bear spa too. My Build-a-Bear is named Minnie Eva and even though I got her four years ago I still play with her and like to change her outfits.

  • ·        Twister: Now this is a really fun and active game to play, and you can do it with different numbers of people. That’s not the only game we like though, also Bounce-Off, Trouble, Jenga and the Game of Life are fun to play with your family.
  • ·        Play-Doh: I take this out and play at the kitchen table all the time. It’s nice to have lots of colours and accessories to use with it. I like to make food out of the Play-Doh too. (Yes I do like cooking and baking a lot!)
  • ·        Barbies: We have a LOT of Barbies because some were my great-aunt’s and some were my mom’s and now Olivia and I have even more. We play with the Barbie house and cars, and now our bunny Thumper likes to go in the Barbie house too which is hilarious!

I hope this helped you with your shopping list. Merry Christmas!


Chelsey said...

Awesome post Eva! We love Build-a-Bear too and it was such a great idea you had for people to get a gift card so the kid can do all the fun stuff!!! Thanks for giving us your point of view! :)