Sunday, January 10

What Will You Share? (Call For Guest Posters!)

Hey, you! I'm offering an opportunity for guest posters on my blog...and I bet you have something to share!
-photos and details of a renovation/decorating project, craft or recipe
-a business or product you want to promote
-a blog or website of your own that you want to get more eyes on
-parenting musings or advice
-fashion or beauty tips
-something from a grandparent's perspective
-perhaps you're a fellow teaching colleague with stories or tips to share with parents
You don't have to be a writer/blogger or even have such aspirations - I love to share perspectives from a range of people (and I'm happy to do a quick edit if you're worried about the particulars!)
Feel free to leave a comment, connect on social media or email katewinn77 at yahoo dot ca and let me know what you're thinking - we can figure out the details!


The Rohal Family said...

Hi Kate! I'm Amber, a wahm of two girls living in Burlington. My mama buddy Kathryn and I run - check it out! We'd love to swap content and guest blogs!