Thursday, January 31

Discover More : Win Fantastic Non-Fiction From Scholastic

Giveaway open to Canadians.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: kids LOVE reading nonfiction. While I've seen many girls (in my classroom and home) who enjoy reading factual information, boys especially seem drawn to this genre, and Scholastic is ready for them.

I was sent samples of Scholastic's new Discover More series to check out, and I've been highly impressed. Divided into three age levels (more on that later) each reasonably-priced book also comes with a free digital e-book (which can be accessed online after purchase) full of more information.

You can find info about all of the books and e-books here:

Check out the following available titles:

Emergent Reader Ages 4+ (hardcovers, $8.99)

See Me Grow
Animal Babies
My Body
Puppies and Kittens
Emergency Vehicles

Confident Reader Ages 6+ ($13.99)


Expert Reader Ages 9+ ($17.99)

The Elements
Ocean and Sea
Night Sky
World War II

While the ages provided by Scholastic are a good match for interest levels, I would actually put the reading levels a bit higher - for example, my 6 year old is a strong reader and the first set of books are just perfect for her, while my Grade 3 students  (aged 8 and 9) are loving the Confident Reader books, so don't shy away from purchasing below your child's age level if you want to be sure he or she will be able to read the titles (there are no age/grade levels printed on the books).

Jam-packed with fantastic content, these books have been great for teaching "features of nonfiction" (labels, captions, contents, glossary, index and tons of amazing colour photography) and for drawing reluctant readers into the magical world of books.

Scholastic is giving away three Discover More books (winner's choice!), and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know which three you would choose. Perhaps three from the same level for one child or your classroom? Or a book from each level for three different kids? It's entirely up to you! This prize is worth up to $54 depending which titles you choose. Check out all of the books here:  Please make sure you leave enough information for me to contact you (e-mail/Twitter/Facebook/Google profile, etc.)!

For extra entries, my current system is based on the idea of rewarding my active readers, as opposed to looking for random follows/subscriptions/likes. For that reason, you can get extra entries by leaving a relevant comment on ANY This Mom Loves post, past or future (up to the contest closing date of Thursday, February 21st 2013). No need to mention this giveaway in your comment; I'll be keeping track. If you've entered my current "Win 3 Magazine Subscriptions" giveaway, additional comments will earn you bonus entries into both contests!

Good luck!


Brianne said...

I would choose the Planets, Bugs, and Penguins books in the Confident Reader section! As a first year teacher, these would be a great addition to my classroom :)

Flo said...

I would choose Bugs, Planets and night sky.

flowerchild said...

I would choose planets ,dinosaurs and penguins

Nancy Tch said...

I would choose Dinosaurs, Bugs & Penguins from the Confident Reader section.

Holly :) said...

I would choose Farm, My Body and See Me Grow from the Emergent Reader section - they look like really in-depth, interesting books. Max would love them! :)

catamo said...

I would choose Dinosaurs, Bugs and Penguins

catamorg(at)gmail(dot) com

Gemma said...

I'd pick Puppies and Kittens, Penguins and Dinosaurs.

Sally said...

I think books like this (i.e. science/ecology) are awesome. Remember when we were kids and they made the Nature's Children books? We have a few of them here about walruses, coyotes, butterflies...they're awesome...but then I have two boys who don't want to read about Susie and Amy playing, then fighting, then making up again. It takes something with a bit of punch to maintain their interest. So, we go for nature books that talk about animals eating each other, or running really fast, or re-growing limbs (some bug or reptile does that, just can't remember right now). I have noticed that the books my boys bring home from school differ from those that my daughter used to bring home...I suspect their teachers are well aware of these differences that I am just learning about myself;0). My little guy would love animal babies, and emergency vehicles. And if that worked out that his big brothers could read to him, tres cool. And then I would probably go for the daughter loves rocks so we might as well introduce chemistry (I am assuming it is about the natural elements like: hydrogen, helium, lithium, borilium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, sister used to study out loud...)!

Maegan Morin said...

I would get Puppies and Kittens for my daughter, Animal Babies for both of my kids and Dinosaurs for my son!

megnate at telus dot net

cotec007 said...

I would choose these ones:

Confident Reader Ages 6+ ($13.99)


suzie said...

I would chose emergency vehicles, See me grow & Farm

Burcu said...

Animal babies, dinasours and Puppies and Kittens


kimmer76 said...

I so remember the Nature's Children books!! Love that these n-f books are bright, colourful and engaging. I'm trying to encourage my JK daughter to choose more n-f instead of reaching for the same Franklin books so often! I think we'd choose See me Grow, My Body and Emergency Vehicles.


Unknown said...

I would choose Farm, See Me Grow and Emergency Vehicles. Thank you!

Chelsey said...

I think I would choose Bugs, Oceans and Sea and World War II (or Disasters). Thanks for the giveaway!

Emily Reviews said...

So many great choices :)

I think i'd go with bugs, baby animals and dinosaurs

littleheathen9109 @ yah00 d0t c0m

leanne_mac said...

My sons would love Planet, Bugs and

leannemacg at

intensev5 said...

I would love to win the Farm, Animal Babies and Puppies and Kittens.

Angela M said...

These look like fantastic books. My daughter would like Bugs, Dinosaurs, and planets.

Colleen said...

I would choose Ocean and Sea, Night Sky and Disasters

Mary Kennedy said...

Hi Kate,
I would pick Farm, Emergency Vehicles and Planets.

Savvy Suburban Mama said...

I would pick emergency Vehicles, Planets and Dinosaurs

K said...

I'd go with books from the emergent reader section... probably farm, animal babies and my body. Though I'm sure my two would love them all! Great giveaway!

Alessandrina said...

I'd choose these ones:
"Night Sky"
"World War II"

Thanks so much!
dreena_b at hotmail dotcom

Amanda O'Neill said...

I would choose Disasters, penguins and animal babies

Narinder Chana said...

I would choose :
Penguins (my daughter loved Mr. Poppers penguins);
Planets; and
The Elements


love to win said...

planets ,dinosaurs and penguins

love to win said...

planets ,dinosaurs and penguins

Angie B said...

I would choose the following 3 from the same reading level:
See Me Grow
Animal Babies
My Body

Cassandra said...

I would choose 3 Emergent Reader books: See Me Grow, Farm and Animal Babies. Great giveaway!

casleycassandra at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My son loves reading with me... I would choose Farm, Emergency Vehicles and Penguins


Christine H said...

I would choose THE ELEMENTS, OCEAN & SEA, and NIGHT SKY from the Expert Reader's list. They'd be be great collections to add to my classroom library!


let it be said...

I would choose Animal Babies, See Me Grow, and My Body
oddball2003 at hotmail dot com